excellent, satisfactory, hunky dory. Used usually of a situation or state of affairs, copacetic is as likely to be said by a col-lege professor as a New York cop. The college professor might think he is using a newish slang term; the cop may sus-pect that a word ending in -ic derives from Greek or Latin. Both would be wrong. This bizarre word has rarely been written down, but was recorded as early as 1919. Attempts have been made to derive it from Latin, Yiddish or even Amerindian roots, but its true origin is unknown. It has not crossed the Atlantic in its comparatively long history.
► 'What's your sign, love?'
► 'Well that's copacetic.' (Beach Party, US film, 1981)
► 'You stick with me and everything will be copacetic.' (The Secret of My Success, US film, 1987)

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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